Show You Should Know – Noah Cyrus to Give Denver a Good Cry

Noah Cyrus has been in the news a lot lately. From her famous family, the departure of her pal and collaborator XXXTentacion, her break up with rapper Lil Xan, (seriously, this shit is mad ) to her promoting her tears in a jar for $12,000 after stated separation, Cyrus is gaining attention for irrelevant matters. But come this fall, Cyrus will be the subject of discussions for an entirely different reason. She is currently embarking on her headlining tour around the US titled “The Good Cry Tour. ”

Cyrus has a talent which some could overlook or dismiss because of function as the sister of Miley Cyrus. Miley had a hard time shaking her off Hannah Montana persona — transitioning from America’s sweetheart to locating her own identification which was somewhat rough round the edges to afterward full-blown twerking Miley. But with Noah Cyrus, she s become a slow and consistent construct that is worth attention and your time. Cyrus has functioned to prove she s her own talent and man, starting by vacationing with Katy Perry on her “The Witness Tour” accompanied by her debut EP, Good Cry.  In between, she s had mega-hits with talents like Marshmello on their tune “All Falls Down,” gaining a whopping 230 million targets Spotify, also “Make Me Cry” with Labrinth, making over 160 million listens.

Photo through Noah Cyrus Facebook Page

Cyrus’ natural raw, fruity and dim, smoky voice is reflected in her songs “Topanga (Voice Memo)” along with “Mad in You” (with Gallant). While her lyrics to songs including “Good Cry” along with “Mad” could be led towards the passing of her relationship with Lil Xan — taking away some of their power the songs may hold because of this questionable depth of the relationship — that the songs still hold meaning which may be respected and recognized. As with any artist, their songs are their diary — their personal feelings and feelings sung and written down. Cyrus is an 18-year-old woman with a broken heart who wants a good cry — something we all can relate to.

While Cyrus has only six songs about her EP, she s been known to do covers of songs as well as turning them to suit her own voice and make her very own rendition. Previous displays on her tour also have discovered covers of M.I.A’s Paper Planes and Hozier’s Take Me to Church so expect her functionality to have a healthy mix of fresh and covered material. Cyrus’s pop music combined with a soulful noise will result in a series which will be full of some crying that is good and dancing.

Noah Cyrus is enjoying at Summit Music Hall this Saturday, October 13. You are able to buy tickets here.

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