Call is Making Functional Day Drinking Possible With a New Cocktail Menu

Call — a double restaurant concept from Craig Lieberman (the creator of neighboring cracker firm 34 Degrees) opened nearly a year ago in Denver’s RiNo area. With not even a year under its belt, even the unassuming eatery situated in a former residential home landed a spot on Bon Appétit’s coveted Hot 10 record. With comprehensive, yet simple food and drink apps — Call grabbed attention both locally and nationally and nowthey’re looking to take action again using a fresh autumn cocktail lineup. With hot spices, exceptional liquors, seasonal fruit the aim to maintain the drinks “mid-day” ready, Joe Buckley and his crew constructed a menu that’s both elevated and day-time approachable.

“I believe there’s a coziness that occurs with the autumn cocktails,” said Buckley, the man behind all things drink at Call. And we agree. When orange and yellow leaves start to autumn and cold atmosphere settles to the Mile High City, there appears to be a shift in the manner that locals dine and drink. We go out of sipping Moscow Mules on patios to sipping Manhattans at comfy corner tables. That being said, winter-time in Denver can look like 70 degrees and sunny one day and sub-zero and snowing the next. Buckley’s aim in crafting Call’s brand new cocktail list was to appeal to both possibilities. With refreshingly bright drinks (like the Smoke Signals) to get Colorado’s hot days and hefty heartwarming drinks (like the Hot Buttered Rum) to the cold ones — Buckley managed to make a program that really reflects the numerous sides of Colorado’s fall/winter months.  It also carries week-time lunch breaks to account with low-alcohol into no-alcohol options for your drinks. 

“The Smoke Signals is kind of our carry on a top ball… we’re utilizing Mezcal (optional) using just a bit of lime juice, a bit of Aperol that our housemade peppermint ginger syrup along with San Pellegrino sparkling water on top,” said Buckley. “It works nicely in Colorado since we get those days like yesterday, it’s ’s 77 degrees and sunny. It’s ’s something that  could equally cool you off and warm up him at precisely exactly the same time. ”

Apart from the Smoke Signals ($10) the new menu also features Don’t Call Me Shirley ($10) using a fig jam reduction, Family Jones Gin and lemon juice, Doctor’s Orders ($10) with a house made spiced chai apple reduction, garlic ginger syrup and Aperol, Hot Buttered Rum ($10) using unsalted butter batter, Plantation OFTD Rum, interface along with Fragrant whipped cream, along with Winter Made ($10) using pear-fennel carrot, lemon and Family Jones Vodka.

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“[With] the Hot Buttered Rum, the manner that we played the basic variants of rum is something unique to us… since the accession of the fennel dip cream. Fennel is a major ingredient that people use in this restaurant,” said Buckley. “… It appears to be a perfect fit with all the anise seed along with the spices which we’re using in the butter batter. ”

In addition to harnessing the special qualities of fall (like hot spices, dark rum and premature autumn veggies ) Buckley also utilized close links in an effort to maintain the drinks as authentic as possible by creating a fig reduction from fresh California figs sent from the executive chef’s mother. This, together with the truth that many of the drinks can be arranged in a low-ABV edition, differentiates Call’s menu from many others in Denver. Much like in the case of Doctor’s Orders, where guests have the choice of doing a low-ABV or even some standard-strength cocktail using Four Roses Bourbon, which Buckley considers is an amazing solution for anyone seeking to either possess a drink and continue with their day.

“We prefer to concentrate on the lower ABV cocktails… which allows for your food and the drink to operate together really nicely in which we overlook ’t possess incredibly overpowering too boozed cocktails,” said Buckley. “It’s [also] nice because you may obtain a few of these and not have to take a rest afterward. ”

From “cinnamon and baking soda ” into “late night, early autumn fruits,” Buckley considers that the new cocktail menu gifts drinks that may either be appreciated around a fire or sipped to a terrace under the warm Colorado sun. The following factors, coupled with the minimal ABV-option render Call’s fresh cocktail menu you to enhance your boozy chilly bucket list.

Beckon | Call is located at 2845 Larimer St., Denver. It is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. until two p.m. and 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Sunday. Beckon is anticipated to start before the end of 2018. Stay tuned with us for upgrades. 

All photography from Amanda Piela.

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