Guy Raz Talks with David Guetta in the First Episode of Spotify’s New Interview Series

Learn more about the legend!

Esteemed journalist Guy Raz has combined forces with Spotify to produce a fresh artist interview podcast to the support.  Titled The Rewind with Guy Raz, the podcast lays out to proceed beyond the reach of a conventional music meeting to dig deep to the artist’s personal lives and the way they got to where they live today.

The first episode of the series features French dance music legend David Guetta. The two talk on how dance music entered the mainstream on a worldwide scale.  Guetta provides an intimate recount of these measures he took to become a star in digital dance music along with stories of growing up in Paris.

View the first article to see embedded media.

Raz has really made a name for himself on NPR since the founder of three amazingly prosperous podcast collection. He’s also won many awards in the field of journalism.  Other episodes of The Rewind will feature a cast of artists from a multitude of genres for future episodes, such as Shawn Mendes, Kelly Clarkson, Wynton Marsalis, along with Nick Jonas.  

The Rewind with Guy Raz will premiere new episodes each week exclusively on Spotify.  You can hear David Guetta’s incident here.

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