Hot Sugar’s EP Dropped from Ninja Tune Due to Allegations of Sexual Violence

Sexy Sugar A.K.A. Nick Koenig has been accused of sexual misconduct by numerous ladies.

Trigger warning: sexual assault.UPDATE: A former version of this article stated that Ninja Tune tentatively planned to release Hot Sugar’s 2017 record, Moon Money. This was in fact the title of their 2012 EP he released through the label, and they did not release any of his songs.

Over the past many days, a shocking number of women have accused Hot Sugar (real name Nick Koenig) of misdeeds ranging from psychological abuse to sexual violence. In conclusion, English record label Ninja Tune has removed the Brooklyn artist’s EP from their own catalogue.

Three days before, an Instagram accounts together with the handle @RealHotSugar began uploading screen shots of anonymous conversations with women alleging that Koenig filmed them acting sexual acts without permission. According to the bio of the account, the other account began for the exact same purpose has been shut down.

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The anonymous testimonies shared with the accounts have become increasingly graphic. A common thread among these is Koenig engaging in acts and ongoing after being asked to stop. Various accusers also have asserted that should they speak out against him, he has threatened to take legal action.

Yesterday, Florida singer/producer Kitty Ray described encounters during her 18-month relationship with Koenig within an Instagram post. “This violence and abuse was physical, emotional and sexual in nature,” she wrote. “This man would beat and choke me until I passed out, and then beat my face and shake me until i woke up.”

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Today, Ninja Tune declared they had severed connections with Koenig on Twitter after catching wind of the @RealHotSugar Instagram account. Their statement read:

“We’ve just become aware of the very serious allegations made against Hot Sugar. Once we heard, we immediately issued takedown requests for the digital EP release he did with us in 2012, and removed it from our site. He is not a current Ninja Tune artist, and was never signed to the label for work beyond that one EP. We’re against sexism or violence in any form and we encourage anyone with knowledge regarding these allegations to report them to the authorities.” 

Outside of his career as a DJ/producer, Koenig had starred at a 2015 separate documentary branded Hot Sugar’s Cold World.  Along with detailing his creative process as a musician, it containing appearances by Jim Jarmusch and Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. has reached out to Hot Sugar’s team for comment but they’ve yet to react in the time of writing. As additional information is made accessible, this article will be updated by us.

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