PREMIERE | Mysterious Artist ilo ilo Delivers A Funky Indie Electronic Single “come over”

The aggressively and enigmatic growing performer that is fresh ilo ilo goes right back at it with a killer path. We became conscious of ilo ilo’s audio back in May of the year when we received a mysterious package in the email that included a USB stick with their very first single ever, “wait patiently,” and we were immediately drawn to their own vibe. The inquisitive artist drops another individual & #x201C; come it, & #x201D; and over & #x2019 today;s got an amazing, funky groove that you have to listen to. We don’t understand much about ilo ilo, however we do understand that she or he (or they?) Prefer to not do things. Not only is their sound distinctive, but their style and direction is. Take 1 glance at ilo ilo’s Instagram and you can tell they have been working this method for a while, and they’re certainly very talented.So far ilo ilo has released four tracks, and we all ’re hyper into all them. We can’wait to learn how they develop and progress, and exactly what they&; #x2019;re going to do next.Stream the new path “encounter,” below, which we are thrilled to premiere, and enjoy!

Ilo ilo – come over 

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