Snails to Launch Comic Book Series, The Shell

Snails will inaugurate The Shell using a launch issue titled”The Sluggernaut.”

If you ever felt like Snails’ songs and visuals followed a theme, you weren’t all that far off. The “vomitstep” pioneer has revealed that each facet of his creative vision is intended to tell a bigger story – one that fans will get to know better through a new comic book series called The Shell. 

As can be seen in the first 11 pages of “The Sluggernaut,” which marks the first issue of The Shell, the series follows Soldier Slugz as he protects Slugz City from villains. The Snails (real name Frédérik Durand) has co-written the story alongside Maria Filipone, and French artist Dr. Fanx has provided illustrations.

In a statement, Durand said:

“My music and shows have been attached to a story. Frogz, King Slugz, Sluggtopia along with The Shell are part of a larger vision – one which hasn’t been completely explained… until today. Super proud to announce that The Sluggernaut comic book is going to be released on November 26th. Take a look at the first 11 pages and pre-order your bodily copy for the complete story!” 

“The Sluggernaut” in its entirety arrives by means of Slugz Comics on November 26th. Meanwhile, take a peek at the first 11 pages of the 26-page first issue of The Shell and pre-order your copy here.



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