Anders Osborne Delivers & Then Some At Brooklyn Bowl: Review & Photos

Images by: Adam McCullough

Words by: Aaron Stein

Anders Osborne:12.07.18:: Brooklyn Bowl:NYC

Check out Adam’s gallery from Saturday’s show after the watch.

I’m convinced in all the years that Anders Osborne has been coming up to play New York City, surely a lot of shows to count, and ” he ’s played with a gig or two in the middle of this week, a haphazard Monday thing or Wednesday event within the duration of his profession. Butreally, as anyone who watched him during his most recent visit to Brooklyn can attest to, Anders was made to play the weekend, Friday and Saturday nights where the audio is just one portion of the larger equation of good times, good friends and partying. Friday night in Brooklyn Bowl was clearly a festive location, the normal pop-up Tulane reunions and also five-months-til-Jazzfest krewe parties combined with the rest of Osborne’s area fanbase, not to mention random groups of bowlers who hadn’t any clue what sort of show they had walked into. Regardless of where they came from or who they had been there to hang with, everyone in the area was there for precisely the identical motive: to have a enjoyable … or more correctly said: to laissez les bons temps rouler! And on this count, to no one’s shock, Anders Osborne and his band delivered and then some.

Anders opened the series vicious, mad fashion, with “Five Bullets” off his 2013 Peace release. That American noise …” Osborne was knee-deep in guitar from the start. The guitarist had big silver rings on his fingers and they created a visual blur as they moved over the strings literally, breakneck speed to go with his guitar’s noise. The setlist pulled out of his whole career, punctuated from the crowd-loving principles of his concerts, displaying his breadth, soul and skill, by down the slow smoulder of “I’ve Got a Woman” to the freewheeling NOLA-flavored storytelling of “Back on Dumaine,” equally off his 2007 album Coming Down.

Watching Anders play and sing is a soul-cleansing experience, a Friday night activity to transition to the weekend. The question I kept asking was: who are these men? Ron Johnson on bass is somebody who’s been about along with a fit to back Osborne’s ranging guitar work, but David Torkanowsky on penis and secrets along with Chad Cromwell have been revelations of their rock-jam.

Torkanowsky took several organ solos and provided lots of zing when Osborne had been unleashed. The sticks featured a mixture of flavors signs of a twisted Crazy Horse and then smooth melodic spirals he appeared to pick up out of his gigging with Phil Lesh. The highlight of this group had to become “Burning On The Inside” that, as it happened, got pretty much and things every corner of this space. The bluesy song found its footing and then exploded into a jam, amount fulfilling caliber friends and buddies dance side by side, Anders Osborne owning still another weekend in New York City.

Photos From Saturday Including Tash Neal By Adam McCullough
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