Vegan Hardstyle Duo Riot Shift Attack Vegetables with Sledgehammer [Video Premiere]

Riot Shift’s most up-to-date music video is hard to quit watching.

Riot Shift have clearly set their sights on standing out in the digital music industry that was oversaturated. Sometimes, it requires doing strange things to make yourself known, and these two adamant vegans (real names Ole Baehr and Connor Kratz) do exactly that in their latest music video.

“Boundaries” comprises both audio producers on the other side of the act assaulting a series of vegetables with sledgehammers and baseball bats. Slow-motion shots of various portions obliterated vegetables flying in all directions makes it difficult to quit watching this video.

To fits right alongside the movie, also is about hardstyle’s very experimental side. Hate it or love it, Riot Shift are going against the grain and also making a statement.

Riot Shift was busy since 2016 and has performed at top-tier festivals such as Ground Zero Festival and Intents Festival. They will play in the 2019 edition of Rebirth. They are members of this Theracords record label, which is notorious for compelling on the boundaries of hard dance music in different directions and helping new art get a foothold at the spectacle. 

Stream or download”Boundaries” across platforms here.



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