“Man-Free” Music Festival Found In Violation Of Discrimination Law

A “man-free” music festival held solely for girls has been found in violation of discrimination legislation.

The Swedish occasion, Statement Festival, held at Gothenburg back in August prided itself on being “the world’s first major music festival for girls, transgender, and non-binary people only. ” However, Sweden’s Discrimination Ombudsman has deemed the description “man-free” as an “infringement of discrimination law. ”

When Swedish comedian Emma Knyckare pioneered Statement Festival, her intentions were in the right location. The whole concept behind the music festival was supposed to offer a secure space for girls, after numerous accounts of sexual misconduct in different music events. However, dubbing the event as “man-free” was seemingly going too much.

“It is important to point out just what a breach is. These are the announcements made before the festival, the things they wrote on their website,” Discrimination Ombudsman’s media officer, Clas Lundstedt, remarked. “Still, we haven’t been in a position to verify that someone would have been discriminated against in connection with the execution or that someone would have been reversed. ”

“Clearly, we think that sexual abuse, particularly at festivals, is a critical issue. So we are excited about attempting to fix this,” Lundstedt lasted . “However, it shouldn’t occur in a way that violates the legislation, which their bills in the media and their website do. ”

Source: Newsweek

This article was initially published on Your EDM. Source: “Man-Free” Music Festival Found In Violation Of Discrimination Law

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