Open Enrollment Has Begun For MDMA Trials In 4 Different States

MDMA has kept up its strong reputation as a party drug for some time, however psychiatrists are figuring it out ’s so much more than just that. The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) just opened up five clinical trials to test the efficacy of MDMA in treating PTSD. Results so far have already been overwhelmingly positive.

Individuals who suffer with severe PTSD can now submit their title for potential MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. Researchers are seeking participants in four states to its five clinical trials, that the last phase prior to the US Food and Drug Administration can approve the substance for medical use.

The following five trial sites will be available for registration inquiries:

North Hollywood, California
Boulder, Colorado
Fort Collins, Colorado
New Orleans, Louisiana
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

“If the Phase 3 trials demonstrate significant efficacy and an acceptable safety profile, then FDA approval is likely by 2021,” based on MAPS. “Once accepted, MDMA-assisted psychotherapy would just be available by prescription in supervised healing configurations from specially trained mental health providers. ”

To find all the requirements appropriate subjects must meet, proceed here.

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This article was initially printed on Your EDM. Source: Open Enrollment Has Begun For MDMA Trials In 4 Different States

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