Remembering Theryl ‘Houseman’ DeClouet: A Galactic Vocalist

On July 15, 2018, vocalist Theryl “The Houseman” DeClouet expired in the age of 66. Born in New Orleans on September 17, 1951, DeClout turned into a co-founding part of this acclaimed funk band Galactic, emerging on the band’s 1996 debut album Coolin’ Off, 1998’s Crazyhorse Mongoose, 2000’s Late For The Future and 2003’s Ruckus. Members of Galactic additionally led to DeClouet’s 2001 solo record The Houseman Cometh.

After leaving the band, DeClout continued appearing with Galactic, including in 2013 in Tipitina’s (that the New Orleans club Galactic just bought ) for your Bring The Houseman Home benefit concert. DeClout also engaged in 2016 in the Red Rocks display celebrating the 20th anniversary of Coolin’ Off and in the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

Galactic drummer Stanton Moore shared the next in rememberance of The Houseman:

This past season , we dropped a giant in our Galactic family. I’m still truly saddened by the lack of my great friend and a man I believe one of my mentors, Theryl “The Houseman” DeClouet. He passed peacefully in mid-July at New Orleans surrounded with his family.

For some of you who had the honour of meeting him, you know exactly what a unique and special individual he had been. I don’t even think I’t ever met anyone who loved life as much as he did. I figure that’s why he held for a long time.

When he decided to get in my parents’ 1978 Ford Econoline van and hit the road with us in August of 1996 he had been just about exactly the same age as I am today. He believed in us to do that. I know now in this age what a leap of faith that has been due to him. I truly feel that his belief in us at the first days made us believe in ourselves. It’s that belief that has gotten us where we reside. We couldn’t even have done it without you, House. I’m eternally grateful and will love you always.

Shortly after his death, Galactic issued a new course including The Houseman’s vocals. The band revealed they were working on the since-shared only “Can’t You Believe” over the last year. Proceeds from the revenue of this song will be contributed to Houseman’s New Orleans Musician’s Clinic campaign covering staying medical and funeral expenses.

Galactic’s bassist Robert Mercurio also shared this remembrance of The Houseman:

I’ve been thinking about Houseman A LOT lately. With all the enthusiasm of Galactic’s buy of Tipitina’s, I think he would have been the most proud of us. He taught us to think BIG and out the box.

I expect he is looking down and smiling. Miss him – want I could just pick up the phone and call him.

Listen to your playlist spanning The Houseman’s career with Galactic and outside below:

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