Audien walks us through his favorite jams ahead of Holy Ship! [Exclusive]

Audien walks us through his favorite jams ahead of Holy Ship! [Exclusive]Audien Press Shot

A new year is approaching, and with it comes that the 12th Holy Ship! Variant. Setting sail on January 5, guests will be treated with a range of high tier talent from all around the dance music spectrum; by low-end madness offered by 4B, JAUZ, along with QUIX, into slices of techno by Nicole Moudaber and outside. The sold-out vessel is regarded as another jewel in shipfam’s history.

Anjuna wunderkind-turned-legend Audien will be gracing the Holy Ship! Decks as well come 12.0, putting euphoria into the dancefloor via melodic, big room innovative cuts along with other multiflavored cuts. Digging deeper, we asked the rising star to inform us about what’s inspiring these days through songs. The next ten tracks, he states, are “a group of tunes I’m thinking about lately, whether this ’s in my car, or even on a flight, these are guiding me throughout life. ”

1. Audien ft. Liam O’Donnell – Rollercoaster

“This is my brand-new tune, and I would like to tell youit moved through so many unique versions. It was truly a test, but I’m so happy with the outcome and I wanted you guys to hear that. It’s only another piece into the puzzle. ”

2. Sub Focus & Dimension – Desire

“This is probably one of my favourite tunes ever. Honestly, guys, listen to this. It’s amazing. I honestly wish I left it. ”

3. Louis The Child – Better Not

“This tune is really stuck in my head lately. Personally, I believe it’therefore the biggest tune of 2018. Really happy for them because they are truly talented children through and through — no gimmicks, just great music and good vibes. ”

4. Audien & Arty – Never Letting Go

“Arty and I had been real brothers in a different life; I think that. We’re quite comparable, and I really like his job still following 7 years of after him. So glad we can do that together and I have a sense it’s not only the last tune we do collectively. ”

5. 3LAU ft. Ninja – Game Time

“Justin killed this song. Frankly it’s certainly one of my favourite things he’s completed. Shit bangs for real. Put it on in the car. Justin constantly showed me his new music in his automobile on a driveway in Vegas, he’d always jack the volume up and my mind just melts. Regrettably I didn’t receive the car evaluation for this one, however, in my car it strikes great. ”

6. SAINt JHN – God Bless The Internet

“This is a comparatively new artist that I believe deserves a great deal of recognition. His music isn’t merely super difficult, but I’ve already been relating to it in my life. He also ’s obtained abilities. ”

7. Silk City ft. Dua Lipa – Electricity (Alex Metric Remix)

“This is only a vibe, nothing much more to say here. Now you ’ll see. ”

8. Axwell – Nobody Else

“I love that Axwell went right back to the basics for this. It’s definitely him throwing it back into 2010, 2009 era of house and dance music. It’s completely awesome and it sounds ill live. ”

9. Hybrid Minds – Lost (Pola & Bryson Remix)

“Pola and Bryson are SO GOOD. GUYS. THE BEST. Listen to all their songs. Should you dig liquid Drum & Bass, then you will literally love these guys. Just listen to this fall in this tune it’s peanuts. ”

10. Pola & Bryson – Unsaid

“This is the very first P&B tune I heard, and I understood instantly that they had been making particular music. This one is outstanding. Play it in the car not on notebook speakers. ”

11. Craving – First Feeling

“This can be a really weird throwback, 2010-ish. This tune used to mean a lot to me personally. I had been in college for that one year I moved, and I used to hear this on repeat. It definitely motivated me in those days. ”

12. Kylie Minogue – Get Outta My Way (Kris Menace Remix)

“This is actually where I got the idea for Leaving You, folks know me for those 1/8th note piano melodies, since I’ve done it a few times in tunes. Just wanted to point my inspiration! This remix is classic and old. ”

13. Audien ft. Michael S. – Leaving You

“I had been reminiscing lately about my career, and this came up because of a bold highlight. It really had been the one who got away. I’m so proud of this tune and it bangs. I’m likely not supposed to mention that about my music but anything, I’m doing it! ”

14. Dominic Fike – She Wants My Money

“Dom is going to be enormous in 2019. His first offering was a few months back and he left a large boom. Also, his music is truly really simple and great. ”

15. Twenty One Pilots – Chlorine

“Favorite song in their new record. I’ll constantly dig them. They were distinct in a time when everything sounded the same, so I’ll constantly perceive them as exceptional. ”

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