Travis Scott and Skrillex reveal more collaborations are underway

Travis Scott and Skrillex reveal more collaborations are underwayTravis Scott Live 2

Even though Skrillex‘s “SICKO MODE” remix is still hot off the press, so it seems the OWSLA supervisor and La Flame are plotting extra co-ventures together. Travis Scott‘s smash success is a strong competitor for Song of the Year, also with Skrillex stepping in to extend the first ’s shelf life together with a few of the most refreshing remix attempts in years, the chemistry between the two powerhouse artists is undeniable — and also the pair are still primed to capitalize on it.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Skrillex and Scott both show that during the process of hammering the remix jointly new beats were necessarily shared, along with the concept of prospective original collaborations appeared to grow organically before the “SICKO MODE” remix even landed. Says Skrillex,

“We were sort of hanging out at the studio and I ended up playing him a ton more beats. I like taking in everything organic and making everything organic. Doing something together in the future is definitely on the horizon, how you know? It’s a vibe for sure. ”

Skrillex has a lengthy history of hip-hop and rap collaborations, such as Rick Ross, Ty Dolla $ign, along with Vic Mensa — today it seems Astroworld‘s ringleader is utilized to join those ranks soon also.

Read Skrillex along with Travis Scott’s full interview with Billboard here.

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