“Learn To Love Again” with James Mercy and Dreweybear

James Mercy and Dreweybear “Learn To Love Again” with a hot new single on Elixir Records.

A prime example of a flourishing new record label built on the back of a top-tier YouTube Network, Elixir Records has struck gold with James Mercy and Dreweybear’s new single, “Learn To Love Again” featuring Jeris.

The line between pop and dance has become increasingly blurred over the last several years, and we’ve reached a point in music where the difference is completely arbitrary in many cases. “Learn To Love Again” continues along this trend by fusing catchy, pop-infused vocals with top-notch dance-pop production. 

With solid roots in future bass, “Learn To Love Again” treads the line of being highly accessible to a general pop music audience while still appealing to dance music purists.

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Starting as an idea that Dreweybear wrote, “Learn To Love Again” is a phenomenal follow-up to his previous release, “The One,” also on Elixir Records. After writing the initial concept Dreweybear handed the reins off to Mercy, with whom he had collaborated in the past. The result is a unique dance-pop anthem perfectly capped off by with Jeris’ excellent vocal performance.

Check out “Learn To Love Again.” and be sure to stay on top of Elixir Records – we expect big things! 


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