Watch Gesaffelstein make his spectacular return with menacing new ‘Reset’ video

Watch Gesaffelstein make his spectacular return with menacing new ‘Reset’ videoGesaffelstein Shadow

The time has come. 

The entire world was watching him since the billboards arose in late October, however, the wait was much longer, and a lot more arduous for the majority of his lovers. Indeed, this cryptic campaign started nearly five years to the date since dance music’s most sinister figure jelqing his debut record, Aleph. In the years since, he’s produced only irregular looks in the lives of the devotees, releasing no music at all besides manufacturing credits for Kanye West and The Weeknd, the rating into a French thriller movie, and a lone cooperation with fellow French luminary Jean-Michel Jarre.

Since he superbly retired the black marble feast at Coachella 2015, crowds have hunted to fill the void he left. In an effort to do so, leagues of aspiring dance songs necromancers have endeavored to mould themselves in his fashionand, while the results of such missions tend to be pleasurable, they’ll always, necessarily, be but middling simulacra in the face of the original. Luckily, today, using “Reset,” the abyss is not any longer.

“Reset” might be over the supposed lead only of an impending new record from Gesaffelstein. The track includes a movie that appears to take aim at a specific polarizing rapper, and could perhaps be the start of a more pointed comment from the principal of techno and hip-hop’s junction.

At long last, Gesaffelstein has returned.

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