Coachella said ‘Nay’ to ‘Ye’s dome – and now Ariana Grande is headlining

Coachella said ‘Nay’ to ‘Ye’s dome – and now Ariana Grande is headlining4 21 18 DOLAB COACHELLA W2 WATCHARA21

Kanye West became one of the very talked-about themes in the Coachella rumor mill across the mega-festival’s 2019 when word began circulating that he’d been tapped to headline. Right before the charging was unveiled, however, a brand new story arose: Kanye had apparently pulled out of headlining due to contention over the primary stage design.

An exclusive report by Billboard dove deeper to the rumor, and discovered the truth to be seemingly more ridiculous than that which curious onlookers had originally thought. Apparently, Kanye wished to deliver in one of his longtime arts collaborators, John McGuire, on board to construct an entire new dome stage in the middle of the Coachella grounds for him to perform beneath. Such a plan would require removal of porta-potties, a reinvisioning of the entire venue organization, and more than probably would require too long to finish before Weekend 1 settled , as per a report. As a result of Golden Voice rejecting this notion and Kanye not wanting to interrupt his eyesight, Ariana Grande was soon brought in to headline instead.

Billboard also pointed out that a comparable dissolution between Kanye and festival promoters happened earlier in 2018, once the rapper was initially set to headline Governor’s Ball in New York. It appears as though he’s simply not a festival-friendly action.

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