Major music festival Grandoozy will not return to Denver in 2019

Grandoozy, the music festival that attracted Kendrick Lamar, Stevie Wonder and Florence + the Machine into Denver, is taking a hiatus at 2019.

Superfly, the festival organizer, published a statement Friday afternoon, announcing its plans to suspend the event. But it hinted that it could return a while.

“Superfly, the manufacturers behind Grandoozy, feels a special connection to Denver and its own people and intends to use its hiatus as a opportunity to create a festival that’s more specific, sustainable, and integrated into the area ’s neighborhood and innovative neighborhood,” the announcement said.

The festival came with a smattering of controversy, especially for the neighborhood surrounding Overland Park Golf Course, in which the festival was staged. Neighbors feared raucous audiences, extreme traffic, loud sound and garbage which may come with the festival that featured dozens of bands, performance art, meals and other various activities.

But Superfly worked tirelessly to mitigate those concerns and most neighbors hadn’t any complaints once the festival left town.

— Grandoozy (@grandoozy) January 11, 2019

Officials reported that 55,000 individuals attended the yearlong festival.  Just one arrest and heaps of traffic citations were reported.

Superfly paid the town $840,000 to use the golf course and restored it into playable condition when the stage lights turned away.

In a press release, Denver officials said they were disappointed Grandoozy would not return in 2019 but held hope that it would be back in 2020.

City officials heard of this change on Thursday. “We& & rsquo;re optimistic that we’re able to pick up where we left off from 2020, and possibly even allow it to be larger and better,” stated Jill Thiare, spokesperson for Denver’s Office of Special Events.

“We were very satisfied with the way things went. …Everything went well during the festival and beyond,” Thiare said. “We understand festival production is complex and constantly changing. I think it’s good that Superfly take the time to continue to provide the best kind of events moving forward. If taking off a year is what’therefore wanted, then we can completely comprehend. ”

The town had agreed to permit Superfly to use Overland Park Golf Course yearly through 2022. Under the contract, even though, Superfly may skip or cancel years.

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