Listen to deadmau5 ‘midas heel’ EP from the Netflix movie

Listen to deadmau5 ‘midas heel’ EP from the Netflix movieDeadmau5 Lights

Deadmau5 has introduced a two-track EP teasing his forthcoming original score to the Netflix movie Polar. The movie ’s eye-catching trailer seemed the identical day as the EP’s launch on YouTube, captivating audiences through Mads Mikkelsen pouncing in the shadow, guns blazing, and very notably, deadmau5′ own track “drama free” — hot mau5ville: Level 2.

Polar is a live-action adaption of Dark Horse Comics’ image novel of the identical name composed by Víctor Santos. The novel follows global hitman Kaiser Black through an icy landscape when he is forced out of retirement when an assassination attempt is made on his life. The comic is filled with gore, largely activity, and is known for its being rendered entirely in sharply delineated white, black, and orange.

Swedish manager of the film, Jonas Åkerlund is well known for directing music videos and will be a drummer himself, therefore one could shorten the amount of focus he placed into the score with this film and the quantity of confidence he’s in deadmau5. Many graphic-novel-turned-films are hailed for their mellifluous score working seamlessly with savage choreography. Considering Polar‘s beginnings as a comedian, the trailer/EP launch, and basic storyline — the sonic tone is guaranteed to hold weight within this momentum and success of this film.

The primary and title track of this EP “midas heel” comes off as a six-minute requiem, dark, brooding, and cold. The steady tech beat accompanied by sharp stunt, also synths plucking have the protagonist looking over their shoulders, scanning their peripherals, and grasping for the heat of a recently fired gun. It is stalking full of lulls for doubt to seep in and stays distant yet in arms reach for the length of the track as though it could touch you the whole time.

The entire soundtrack, entirely produced by deadmau5, will drop Jan 25 the identical day as Polar becomes available for streaming on Netflix.

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