Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 77

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 77Deters Beat Lab@0.

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly selection of songs from DA handling editor Robyn Dexter. Having a taste that can only be called diverse — to say nothing of a title which lends itself into punnery — DA is pleased to provide a choice of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

Listen in playlist format here.

After a ton of impressive originals from 2018, Mielo kicks off his 2019 together with the very first single from his debut EP, “ILY. ” His contemplative style is exhibited here, ands he teams up with vocalist Sarah De Warren to bring an element to the tune. Piano melodies and dreamy synths make a background for the subdued and vocals percussion from “ILY. ” Mielo leaves listeners wanting more also it functions as a precursor to the EP.

Talking of original singles from new EPs, Haywyre has returned to kick off his funky-fresh Panorama: Form EP together with “Let Me Hear That. ” This one, like much of his music, is groovy. It’s packed full of piano and synth melodies that embody Haywyre’s noise in every way. He also ’s categorized this hit as “highest funk,” and rightly so. It’ll be tricky to find this one.

Camo & Krooked are putting themselves in the map together with the release of “Atlas. ” This one handles to include the powerful, wall-busting power their paths have a tendency to have, bottling it closely with meticulous production. Its journey-like qualities produce the name appropriate, along with the introduction builds anticipation at a way. The listener is taken on a ride of drum & bass rhythms and thrilling topics, After the fall strikes.

House heavy-hitter Dustycloud has returned to deliver yet another highly effective number. The Parisian powerhouse seems to be asserting his dominance from 2019 with “Brave,” that lbs the listener with copious doses of bass right from the get-go. He provides a taste of what to expect in the start before plunging into a sea of bass. The listener is given a chance to catch their breath again before the bass again takes over by A break in the middle of the song. It’s pure intensity.

Fans of i_o understand that he’s been occupying a gigantic collaboration with Tommy Trash for weeks. “Let Me Go” has finally arrived on mau5trap, much to the delight of people who’ve been waiting seemingly for ages (read: me). The dancing floor-primed track reunites the two producers, who collaborated on “Oxygen” at 2017. They’ve tapped the vocals of songstress Daisy Guttridge to produce that trail that was progressive that was silky-smooth –and it’s s worth the wait.

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