Steve Kimock Shares Jerry Garcia Story As Part Of Reddit Ask Me Anything Session

On Friday night, guitarist Steve Kimock Engaged in a Ask Me Anything Else on Reddit. The Grateful Dead subreddit hosted the Q&A in which Steve shared with an Awesome story about Jerry Garcia.

Redditor Post_Crash_Earnheart asked, “Garcia considered you. You’re certainly one of mine. Can you recall a special moment you shared with him either personally or while on stage? Something which sticks out like a memory? ” Kimock responded and came :

This was I don’t understand the number of years back, possibly 30 or something, simply gotten off the road with Little Women, me and Jerry Joseph. We had been in Manhattan and we had been barefoot. The Dead had been playing at Madison Square Garden. We couldn’t buy into since we didn’t have tickets. I walk beyond the Kit-Kat Club and I guy gives me a flyer. A van pulls up, and, bam, the Dead get out and get started pouring into the hotel. Jerry’s not considering me, he’s considering my feet and I’m barefoot, and I give him the flyer, and he appears and says,” “Steve, what do you do here? ”

I simply said we have been in city and have off the road. I ask whether he can get us in, and he says . He says hello, meet me here tomorrow at 5 o’clock we’ll go to the show. Five comes, subsequently 5:30 then 6, and then we’re like this guy’s not arriving. Then he shows up, also it’s only Jerry and me and Jerry Joseph and we push up to the stage.

It’s only me and Jerry and [GD team member Steve] Parish hanging outside, smoking a cigarette. He also ’s got a brand new guitar, the second Travis Bean. It’s sitting there. I state how does it sound. He flicks it, like he s flicking a booger, he only hits the side of the throat along with his fingernail. He just grinned.

Another intriguing question known to the Fare Thee Well – 50 Years Of Grateful Dead concerts in 2015. “Steve, crazy props to you for a life of fantastic music. My query will be, &ldquo do you feel about the Grateful Dead Fare The Well reveals in 2015? According to comments Bob Weir has made, it looks like you would have already been playing guitar on that stage if you were also a vocalist. As for me, I thought Trey was fantastic, however your playing would have fit into and stretched that songs. I’m curious (nosy?) Through that moment, should you care to talk about,” redditor blissboy asked. This is Steve’s response:

I’damn grateful they did it. I was actually surprised that they did it in Chicago. It didn’t make any sense. It worked out beautifully for the men, although it took me a while to work out the logic.

They can let me play with guitar. It’s possible to hire singers. They hired Trey and let Phil sing, you understand what I mean? That could have been similar to the picture in Bob’s head: If Kimock can sing it would be ideal.

Hanging out to the periphery of the Grateful Dead item is unusual. It’s like becoming a character in someone s dream. I think when the members perform together it s good. It’s good for them. It’s good for the lovers.

Head here for more of Steve’s responses.

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