Electric Forest Contributors Announce New Festival, Roaring City

CalliopePresents will hold the inaugural edition of The Roaring City Festival this spring.

The team supporting an Electric Forest staple has revealed that they’ve got their own festival in the works. CalliopePresents, who participate in the four-day Michigan event’s The Hangar Stage, have declared a Chicago gathering of their own dubbed The Roaring City Festival.

Roaring City will feature performances by headliners as Defunk, Slynk and Sepiatonic. Live electronic fusion acts, bands and dJs will be included in the festival’s entertainment offerings, which the organizers describe as falling into groups like electro swing glitch hop, neo-vaudeville, and vintage remix.

On the topic of Roaring City, CalliopePresents owner Joe Rovner has said:

“Over the years, working with and watching The Hangar evolve into a room that took the aesthetic of but merged it with the pop of today really motivated me. The entire experience really excites me and the more I looked around the more I desired to see these elements happen in areas beyond EFF. The fusion of theater performance, and music all in a color environment was exactly what I had been looking for. ”

Electric Forest is not the only music festival where Calliope has played a substantial role. They have also overseen The Unicorn Palace in Lightning in a Bottle, the Lords & Ladies stage at Theatre Bizarre, and the Santa Baby pop up in Chicago.

The Roaring City Festival will take place on April 13th and 14th, 2019. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the event website

UPDATE: A previous version of this article called CalliopePresents as the creators of Electric Forest’s The Hangar Stage if they are.

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