Deep Cuts – Nightcap is Changing Denver’s Nightlife

This is the second story of the ongoing series Deep Cuts, which highlights a DJ here in Denver every month. The series includes a profile on significant DJs around Denver in addition to a playlist of five of the current tracks. 
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Nightcap brings the attention of DJing back to the tracks themselves. There’s no self because the duo — that is comprised of Matthew Shogi and Kevin Cavanaugh — is new to DJing too. Both are music fanatics and producers, the latter being an element crucial to some good DJ, and Shogi and Cavanaugh know the social connections that blossom over musical interests that are shared. Music brings people together, and Nightcap is a reminder that the attention of DJing is about the shared love of music.

“We had been hanging out at my shift at Squire and there was nothing going on music-wise so I just kind of brought them in,” said Kendra Cochran, who bartends at the Squire Lounge and helps facilitate Nightcap’s events at the pub. Nightcap started off as a event in March of 2017 and has snowballed since then.

“Putting [Nightcap] together and using shows every week to offer is a testament to wealthy Denver is, in terms of talent,” said Shogi. When they aren’t behind the decks, Shogi and Cavanaugh can be spotted boogying on the dance floor at a large number of parties. “The best party I’ve been to lately was Sorted when they brought out Special Request,” said Shogi, whereas Cavanaugh giddily gushed about last month’s sets from Alex Whittier (of Nocturnal) and John Templeton, who set the now-defunct Great American Techno Festival. Lately, Shogi has been fixing for break-filled and more acid-house monitors, whereas Cavanaugh has been feeling more of a pull towards minimal techno.

In addition to the weekly event every Thursday at Squire, Nightcap also hosts a monthly event the first Saturday of every month at Fort Greene in addition to a rotating occasion at Middleman every so often, where local vendors like Terra Apothecary will establish a pop-up shop. They play regularly at Lost Lake and Matchbox, spreading their infectious dance grooves all over Denver.

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