JamBase & Osiris Media Announce Partnership

JamBase is pleased to announce a partnership with Osiris Media, an expanding network of music and culture podcasts. The alliance between Osiris and JamBase will provide enhanced music conversation and commentary for JamBase visitors, and expanded insights into all aspects of live music for Osiris’ listeners and fans.

The Osiris network includes Osiris co-founders Tom Marshall’s Under The Scales podcast and the podcast RJ Bee co-hosts, the Helping Friendly Podcast. Additional programs include The Sound Podcast hosted by Ira Haberman, Inside Out with hosts Seth Weiner and Rob Turner, the Brokedown Podcast with host Jonathan Hart, Phemale-Centrics hosted by Dawneebee, and 22 others. The JamBase Podcast has also joined the Osiris podcast network.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with JamBase,” said RJ Bee, Osiris CEO. “They are the best source of live music news, and they’re focused on connecting music fans with the music they love, which directly overlaps with what we’re doing. We think this partnership will improve music fans’ experience with the bands they love. And we’re looking forward to bringing The JamBase Podcast into our network as well.”

“Osiris brings together an impressive roster of cultural and music-centric podcasts and JamBase is excited to become their media partner,” said JamBase CEO David Onigman. “We look forward to highlighting Osiris podcasts through a newly designed fixed module located on our homepage that now features a section devoted to podcasts. The integration of the Osiris network of podcasters into the newly redesigned JamBase homepage will add significant value to our audience by sparking relevant conversations about cultural events and providing increased access to their favorite artists and bands. We are elated to have The JamBase Podcast join the ranks of the other fine podcasts in the Osiris network.”

Additionally, JamBase is pleased to reveal the redesigned JamBase homepage with updated localized show listings, including the launch of a separate module for newly announced shows in your area. Visitors will notice a revamped layout making it easier to discover the most popular and latest in music news. Scroll down to find featured JamBase Contests and the most recent podcasts in the Osiris Network, as well as an archive of The JamBase Podcast episodes.

Be sure to subscribe to The JamBase Podcast via iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and/or Google Play. You can find a complete list of Osiris’ podcasts here.

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