Nathaniel Rateliff Announces Red Rocks Livestream Benefit Concert

Nathaniel Rateliff announced a livestream Advantage concert in Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Wednesday, September 30. The series comes in service of MusiCares via Rateliff’s Marigold Project.

Singer-songwriter Kevin Morby will start up in the iconic Colordo venue. “It means a lot to me to possess Kevin with us who is among my favorite songwriters,” Rateliff said in an announcement

Filmed using 9 cameras such as shooting shots, the concert will “feature various facets of Rateliff’s leading musicianship, ranging from stripped-back minutes with only his voice and acoustic guitar to a full 10-piece folk group accompaniment, which contains a string quartet,” as per a statement. The series gives fans a glimpse of that which exactly Rateliff’s And It’s Still Alright Tour — named for its album Rateliff released before this year and cut short due to the pandemic — would’ve seemed like.

Rateliff spoke about the concert at a media release. Read his words below:

This is our means of sharing the show with everyone around the world. We worked as hard as ever to put this series together and we don’t even know when we are going to be able to get out there. Whether you are on stage or at the viewer Red Rocks is certainly the ideal place in the world to play. Our year was strange and also our future unsure, I feel the only thing we can do is attempt to comprehend each other much better and love each other. It’s a tough time and I encourage everyone to be open and vulnerable to people you love. They are just waiting for you.

Rateliff also detailed his connection with MusiCares:

“MusiCares was there for us, for our group and team, in times of need,” he said. “We honor their job and we are very pleased to continue our support of this company that cares for your broad music household. ”

Head here to buy tickets on Nathanile Rateliff’s Red Rocks livestream concert.

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