Coda Collection Music-Centric Channel Launches On Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video lately established a brand new music-centric channel called The Coda Collection. The channel comes with a curated choice of iconic concert movies, music documentaries and episodes of music-related show from a number of the biggest names in songs spanning genres and decades.

Among the artists with names in The Coda Collection include John Lennon, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Jason Isbell, My Morning Jacket, Wu Tang Clan, Tyler Childers plus much more. The jam arena is well represented with concerts out of Dead & Company, Phish’s December 30, 2019 minute classic in MSG and Trey Anastasio’s Ghosts Of The Forest Beacon Jams. The series also features Widespread Panic‘s 2019 Halloween concert from New Orleans, The String Cheese Incident’s July 21 show from Red Rocks and Dave Matthews Band’s June 29, 2019 concert in Indiana.

Furthermore, The Coda Collection comes with an editorial element directed by former Chicago Tribune music critic Greg Kot. Kot collect a group of music authors, critics and cultural commentators to offer deeper context on the artists and their performances in addition to editorial pieces, video interviews, original podcasts and curated playlists.

The Coda Collection is headed up by CEO Jim Spinello, director/producer John McDermott, Experience Hendrix’s Janie Hendrix, the Estate of John Lennon represented by Yoko Ono and much more.

“Our love for audio and fascination for its history, leaders, and also continuing journey is the thing that drives us” McDermott said in a statement. “Music fans need more than just song streams and promotional movies. They need concerts, documentaries, they need cultural context – and perhaps most of all – they wish to comprehend the stories behind the art and the artist. That’s how fans connect to one another, and also to music itself. ”

Jimi Hendrix’s sister Janie also shared a few ideas. Read her voice below:

The method by which in which the world enjoys music is changing and evolving. The Coda Collection is the way we develop with that shift. It simplifies fundamental music streaming and takes fans to a real journey to the heart of the music they love and the musicians, like Jimi Hendrix, that made those songs. There’ll always be the urge to learn more about Jimi, and also that which drove his imagination. So much went into his concerts and performances. There was history, a backstory, and depth to it all. Coda reveals all of the many measurements, and I’m proud to be part of creating it happen.

“John [Lennon] was constantly on the cutting edge of music and culture,” Ono added. “The Coda Collection will be a new way for enthusiasts to connect on a deeper level. ”

Head here for more information on The Coda Collection.

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