Watch Widespread Panic Perform ‘Contentment Blues’ At Oak Mountain In 2011

Widespread Panic released video of “Contentment Blues” in Oak Mountain at 2011. The group performed the classic throughout their April 16 concert at the Pelham, Alabama venue.

Panic has introduced a trove of videos early this season starting with their 25th anniversary run in 2011. WSP currently shares clips at Oak Mountian from shortly after the quarter century party as well as their own 2016 Red Rocks run and much more.

“Contentment Blues” is just one of Panic’s oldest songs, debuted in early 1987 as per Everyday Companion. The song has remained a steady staple because save for a lack in 2003. Panic also included the song in their 1992 debut album, Space Wrangler.

The clip of “Contentment Blues” follows Panic’s previous Oak Mountain release of “Protein Drink” / “Sewing Machine” which closed out the first set. “Contentment Blues” arrived as the next song in a four tune opening segment bookended by “Chilly Water” as well as containing “Impossible” along with “B of D.”

View Widespread Panic play “Contentment Blues” at Oak Mountain at 2011 below through the JamBase Live Video Archive:

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