The String Cheese Incident Selects Red Rocks 2002 Concert For ‘Friday Night Cheese’

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The String Cheese Incident picked their July 6, 2002 Red Rocks concert to the next Friday Night Cheese webcast. The show will broadcast on Friday, March 5 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT about the JamBase Livestreams Calendar through

Cheese first performed in Red Rocks on June 15, 1999 through a “Telluride On The Rocks” display. Their headlining debut arrived a year after June 30, 2000. SCI’s perennial Red Rocks conducts have become a Colorado heritage for its home state group.

The String Cheese Incident detailed their 2002 performance in the iconic Colorado place through social networking . Read a statement by the group below:

This Friday, March 5thwe’re back together with our next monthly edition of Friday Night Cheese! This weekwe’re keeping it “old ” because we feature our initial 2002 FNC webcast, the July 6, 2002 Incident at Red Rocks! This show was the final night of the four-night Colorado Independence Day run, featuring two shows from Steamboat accompanied by two in the Red Rocks. How a lot of you were with us to all four nights of the “festival”?!?

This Incident has a unique setlist that we’re certain you’ll enjoy revisiting together with us. Robert Randolph guests on a few songs, and we also bring out the DRUMS through set two for a rockin’ ending into our 2002 Red Rocks run.

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