The JamBase Podcast: Luke Miller Of Lotus

Episode 79 of The JamBase Podcast, a partner of the Osiris Media Network, Includes a Meeting with Lotus multi-instrumentalist Luke Miller. JamBase’s Scott Bernstein talked with Miller about Lotus’ forthcoming Citrus EP, set for release on April 6, his first introduction Luke that the Knife album, due this spring, and more.

Miller chatted with Bernstein before this month with a video call. Luke talked about Lotus’ last pre-pandemic performance and the way he’s adapted to life during the ordeal. The multi-instrumentalist comprehensive his daily routine in trying to staying imaginative while off the road. He also remembered his experiences playing a drive-in series with Lotus in Philadelphia and acting in front of 200 fans at Red Rocks last September.

Talk then turned to Citrus, that an EP Lotus recorded during the same sessions which yielded their 2020 LP, Free Swim. Luke discussed the way the EP came together along with the group ’s plan of releasing a track from Citrus every Tuesday this season.

Miller performs and records under the Luke The Knife moniker along with the pandemic led the artist to eventually create his introduction Luke The Knife album. Luke explained the procedure that led to Disco Nap, discussed the contributors to the LP and also the way the project differs in Lotus. He also discussed the Kickstarter effort for the album, hinted at forthcoming Lotus announcements, shared his accept when touring will resume and more.

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