Watch Widespread Panic Perform ‘Dirty Business’ At Grand Targhee Resort In 2011

Widespread Panic released video of New Riders Of The Purple Sage’s “Dirty Business.” The cover came toward the end of the first set during WSP’s July 3, 2011 performance at Grand Targhee resort in Alta, Wyoming.

Panic has shared a slew of memorable performances from 2011 including clips from their 25th anniversary run in Athens, Georgia, Oak Mountain and more as well as footage from their 2016 Red Rocks run. The “Dirty Business” clip is the first of 2021 from Panic’s Summer 2011 appearance at Grand Targhee.

The John Dawson-penned “Dirty Business” appears on New Riders’ 1971 self-titled debut album and features drums from the Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart. The song is one of Panic’s oldest covers and was played at their first show in 1985 at the A-Frame, Weymanda Court in Athens, as per Everyday Companion. The song remained an early stape cover for the band up until 1990 when it saw a five-year absence before reappearing on Halloween 1995.

After a good run in the late ‘90s, the band has played “Dirty Business” sporadically. The 2011 Grand Targhee rendition — which came sandwiched in the first set-closing segment of “The Last Straw” and “Fishwater” — marked the first time Panic delivered “Dirty Business” in over a year and they have only played it six times since to date.

Watch Widespread Panic perform “Dirty Business” at Grand Targhee below via the JamBase Live Video Archive:

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