GRiZ announces Seventh LP ‘Rainbow Brain’

The producer, DJ, multi-instrumentalist and all around classy gent known as GRiZ will drop Rainbow Brain—his seventh full length LP—next Friday, July 23. According to GRiZ—real name Grant Kwiecinski—this album is “inspired by the idea of letting go into the technicolor world of psychedelia.” Rainbow Brain includes 23 tracks all linked together as a mix to allow listeners to fully engage in the aural narrative he created.

Kwiecinski recently shared a few snippets from the album on Twitter. Five in total, demonstrating the wide range of sounds to expect from the record. Listen below.

!! My next album is called RAINBOW BRAIN 🌈🧠 and its dropping July 23 !! Here’s a few clips from the full length including the absolute SMASHER burn up the floor with the legend @jantsenmusic!! Which clip is ur fav??

— RAINBOW BRAIN OUT 7/23 🌈🧠 (@Griz) July 13, 2021

Kwiecinski also released the albums title track ahead of this announcement. “Rainbow Brain” explores Kwiecinski’s early influences in bass music and dubstep, harkening back to the sounds of Rusko and Caspa. This sound will play a significant role in the album as Kwiecinski can’t wait to get buck with his devoted fan base.

Two of Kwiecinski’s frequent collaborators ProbCause and Chrishira Perrier both contributed sleek raps to “Rainbow Brain,” as well. This pair of vocalists have made regular appearances in Kwiecinski’s touring band, and this track is a solid indicator they will join him on the road once again now that live music is coming back to life.

Kwiecinski’s tour schedule is already filling up with dates at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater as well as sets at Elements Festival, Imagine Festival, and Summer Camp Festival among others.

Rainbow Brain will be out next Friday, July 23, 2021 as a GRiZ self release. Check out full track listing below:

1. c h r o m e s t h e s i a
2. Astro Funk
3. Vibe Check
4. t a k e – e m – b a c k
5. GRiZ x Jantsen – Burn Up the Floor
6. g o t – i t – l i k e
7. Tie- Dye Sky
8. R O Y G B i V – i n t e r l u d e
9. Rainbow Brain (feat. ProbCause, Chrishira Perrier)
10. 2 4
11. Harmony
12. Gold (feat. Cherub)
13. Daily Routine (feat. Big Gigantic, ProbCause)
14. Other Side of Jupiter
15. w u – w e i
16. Infinite
17. y o u – a r e . i – c a n
18. Feel It All (feat. Chrishira Perrier)
19. 4 2
20. 548 MAC ave
21. p . s .
22. Another World
23. The Echo Tree

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