Grandoozy music festival could create doozy of a traffic jam, but Denver police say they’re prepared

Grandoozy pedestrians, beware!

As you head in and outside of this Denver music festival’s gates this weekend, then you’ll be navigating busy roads. Watch out for automobiles, bicycles, trains and other pedestrians. And the neighbors who reside close to the festival website — Overland Park Golf Course — ask you to respect their property by not throwing crap out or using their yards because restrooms.

Grandoozy is an inaugural three-day festival starting Friday who ’s being hauled on a historic Denver golf class sandwiched between highways and residential areas, and it’s bringing a mix of excitement and uncertainty to the area when it comes to security.

“Everybody has issues since it’s first-time event,” stated Hina Chowdry, a Fox Street resident that resides close to the golf course. “Just enjoy every festival, everybody really needs common sense. You can do your very best to authorities a bunch. Things happen in any venue in which there ’ s drinking, music and drugs. ”

Grandoozy organizers are keeping their ticket sales a mystery, but if they searched city approval to maintain the festival that they described an occasion that may bring 30,000 to 40,000 people per day in its very first year, which will be headlined by Kendrick Lamar, Florence + The Machine along with Stevie Wonder.

Since there’ll be no parking on the festival grounds or in surrounding areas, that usually means a great deal of pedestrians will be navigating busy Santa Fe Drive and West Evans Avenue or walking through residential streets to get to the golf course.

“The only thing we get here is golfing traffic,” Chowdry explained.

Grandoozy organizers along with the Denver Police Department insist though they would not reveal the number of police officers and safety staff that will be on hand, they’ll be prepared.

“I can tell you it will be adequate to the size audience we’re anticipating,” stated Rick Farman, a co-founder of Superfly, the business that owns Grandoozy. “We do large scale events all around the country, also I’m sure we ll be exceeding what you see. ”

Superfly worked together with the Denver Police Department to make plans for safety traffic and evacuations, Farman explained. Those plans have been approved by the police department, ” he explained. The festival hires private security firms to patrol the grounds and contracts with companies to offer emergency medical therapy.

Festivalgoers will soon be screened by metal detectors, ” said David Ehrlich, Grandoozy’s executive producer.

Grandoozy do’s and overlook ’ts

A coverage that is clear-bag is in place. In the event you attend specialist sports at Denver, you should be aware of how to deal with this. Bag bigger than 6 inches a fanny pack size — aren’t permitted. Neither are hydration packs with a capacity larger than 2.5L/150 cubic inches.

It is possible to bring empty hydration packs and water bottles as a bags no more than 20 inches by 9 inches by 15 inches. Seats aren’t, although blankets are permitted.

Per usual, leave the firearms, knives, explosives, drugs, alcohol and pets at thome.

Traffic and parking

Automobiles: There is not any parking at the holiday season. There is no parking at the holiday season.

Individuals who park in neighborhoods, including in Ruby Hill Park, will soon be towed. Friends can fall festivalgoers off South Platte River Drive between Santa Fe Drive and South Huron Street, or at Grant Frontier Park on South Platte River Drive from West Evans Avenue.

Public transport: To get there, take the RTD light rail to either the Evans Street Station and walk to the holiday or trip to the I-25/Broadway Station and utilize a free shuttle service to the grounds.

Rideshare: The dropoff and pickup location is about Santa Fe Drive at Jewell Avenue.

Bicycles: Overland Park Golf Course is next to the South Platte River Trail along with about a 15-minute bicycle ride from REI’s flagship store at 1416 Platte St. Grandoozy can provide a valet service to safely store bicycles at the intersection of Platte River Trail and West Asbury Avenue close to the festival’s south entry on Jewell Street.

For Those neighbors

In the event you encounter security problems you can call the Grandoozy hotline.

“Obviously, the security and security of everybody is that the No. 1 factor in mind when we program,” Farman explained. “We’ve completed a great deal of work to make certain this will be a fun, great, secure experience. ”

A law enforcement specialist in Tennessee that has worked with Superfly to strategy the firm ’s annual Bonnaroo music festival provided assurances which Grandoozy will operate safely and smoothly.

“If Superfly is concerned and they handle it like they do here, don’t panic,” stated Coffee County, Tenn., Sheriff Chad Partin.

Partin has functioned Bonnaroo, held for four days on a plantation outside Manchester, Tenn., for 16 decades. The Superfly team knows screen for law-breakers, respond to overdoses and the way to move traffic, ” he explained.

Grandoozy won’t be about quite the exact identical scale as Bonnaroo, especially since people won’t be camping, that requires a 24-hour existence, Partin stated.

Bonnaroo draws between 50,000 to 80,000 people per year, Partin stated. For the size audience, the sheriff’s division along with the Tennessee Highway Patrol and the local police division delegate more than 200 officers to the festival and the streets leading to it, Partin stated. Then the “alphabet agencies,” such as the state alcoholic beverage commission, send agents, also.

Those amounts don’t comprise private security firms or safety teams which travel with the performing artists.

“It’s just about all hands-on deck for four days,” Partin stated.

Medicines are the largest difficulty for Tennessee law enforcement. First responders also find a lot of dehydration and heat exhaustion, which frequently move hand-in-hand having too much booze and drugs, ” the sheriff said.

“They’re conscious anyhow when it comes to damaging their own bodies,” Partin stated of Bonnaroo festivalgoers. “They’ve been really well-known for damaging their own bodies alcohol and narcotics. ”

The music is depended on by the kinds of intoxicants utilized at the festival, ” he explained.

“If it was all country, it’d be hard beer and spirits,” the sheriff stated. “If Phish or Widespread Panic comes to town, you bring in the hippies and also a great deal of pot and pot derivatives. You get a lot of hallucinogens. ”

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Over the years, Bonnaroo has experienced tragic deaths. 1 person died at this season ’s festival from a deadly mixture of narcotics and extreme warmth, Partin stated. Folks have also been murdered in construction accidents throughout preparations for the holiday season and also by running into traffic, such as one year after a person was hit and killed by Ricky Skaggs’ excursion bus.

Nonetheless, the tragedies are limited, considering the magnitude of this audience, ” he explained.

John White, a Denver police spokesman, said that the division has functioned with Grandoozy to supply a safety detail in the venue and also to assist authorities the surrounding areas. A detailed strategy is in place to manage vehicle and foot traffic, ” he explained.

And even though it will be a busy weekend at town with a complete slate of concerts at Red Rocks, a Broncos home game along with the introduction of Denver Beer Fest, the department is prepared, White explained.

“We feel ready for Grandoozy,” he explained.