Lady Jane Combines Retro-California Flare with Modern Cocktail Bar Chic

Because 2016, Hudson Hill has inhabited a quaint and cozy space on 13th and Pearl — bringing in ancient birds and creatures owls alike. And today, the proprietors of the beloved bar have opened a second at Denver’s LoHi neighborhood. Lady Janea new California-inspired loungeopened on 32nd Avenue and the proprietor Jake Soffes considers that like his venture, so it’s just what this community requirements.

“Hudson was the primary business that I owned personally and I really loved doing this,” said Soffes. “I love hospitality, and I really like working with people, I like bar programs and great food and coffee… Hudson was dipping a toe in the water to me and I have enjoyed it so much that I wished to do it . ”

So he did — but now with Lady Jane. Taking over a place in the Alexan LoHi apartment building, Soffes along with his team produced a lounge that combines the vibes of Palm Springs in the 1960s detail that we’d become accustomed to in his establishment. And it seems to have come full circle, believing Soffes has had his attention on The Lady Jane location since 2016 if he opened Hudson Hill.

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“For us here, it was similar to how can we choose the version of Hudson and just tweak it a piece for LoHi? ” explained Soffes as he explained the first vision for Lady Jane. “You’ve got Cap Hill that’s up and coming and still very affordable and a little bit more of those creative types reside in the neighborhood. LoHi tends to be people who lived at Cap Hill and proceeded here to get families for any reason… I just think this neighborhood has a little more spit and shine than Cap Hill does, therefore we wanted to create an area that really reflects that. ”

From the orb lights hanging to the sea-green accent walls and palm trees glancing up from the floor over the bar — walking into Lady Jane is just like stepping back into a California of times ago. Along with the drink program, operate by A. Minetta Gould formerly of Ste. Ellie around Platte street, for the most part, is just as timeless as the decoration. From the joyful hour (4 p.m. – 6 ) which includes classic concoctions like the old fashioned to main menu inventions like the One Summer Rum Swizzle with Brugal, Curacao, citrus, citrus and also a Fernet float — Lady Jane is styled and new-age. Even the famous grilled cheese from Hudson Hill is the menu.