Q&A – This Rapper is About to Take Denver to the Next Level

In a world where fast cars, Gucci belts and cough syrup fueled lyrics reigns supreme, just how does a guy from a little town in the Southwest rest in? To get Dylan Montayne — you may continue to keep this façade. It would take away from the genius of his music. Montayne can ride a beat as it owes him money. He and his flow with confidence could chop it up faster and easily blend every style. His music speaks for itself and also you ’re going to need to listento.

On the surface, his first album Rebecca Lane is a love letter. However, contrary to the lyrics, his music paints a picture of a man whose undeniable talent and dedication are going to carry him about a lifetime’s trip. We sat down with Montayne after the release of this first chapter in his career to deconstruct what’s next to the rapper who is about to put the Denver rap scene to the map.

Dylan Montayne

303: You’re from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Why did you go to Denver?

DM: Denver has a great music scene, and I feel the city adopts the arts generally. It’s the closest city from where I grew up. I remember coming here thinking that was rsquo & big city livin;so I’t thought of Denver as a place I’d love to live. The folks here love music that you don’t need to sell your shows — they sell themselves. Among the first things I noticed when I came here was that I hardly had to sell my own show. I told folks about it, and everyone came. I didn’t know a lot of people in the time here, but everyone came out to find me, and it’s continued to be that way. Denver’s a terrific environment for that.

303: How do you plan to leave your mark in Denver?

DM: I believe there are certain scenes in Denver that are more popular than other people. The EDM scene is here and same with all the jam band scene. There’s not too big of a draw for rap, but there are a great deal of great Denver rappers. I don’t believe there’s ’ so put it on & ldquo; rdquo, this individual &; nonetheless who. I believe every city needs somebody who chooses it to another level. I would like to be that man. I would like to be that man from Denver who brings attention to the remainder of the landscape, and then everybody can consume. There are a number of artists here who don’t get the love they ought to buy — but nobody expects rap to come out of Denver. You need some shine onto the scene, somebody to flip the script.

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