Show You Should Know – XXXY To Bring Berlin House to the Black Box

Underground electronic music producer xxxy — whose real name is Rupert Taylor — is supposed to debut in Denver at the Black Box on Friday, December 14. Produced in the UK and is based in Berlin, the most producer and DJ is a fixture of UK’house music arena and s bass for several years. With releases spanning from the tag Ten Thousand Yen to Rinse F.M.’s imprint, Rinse Recordings, xxxy has mastered the craft of engaging his listeners with his adaptive mixes and wealthy dance tracks.

Some of his earliest tracks, for example his 2014 launch “Werk,” show that the diversity in Taylor’s discography. The more garage-leaning dance hit runs at approximately 135 beats per minute (bpm), a particularly faster spin than the ordinary home trail , which tends to sit around a comfy 120 bpm. Even though Taylor’s earlier work runs a little quicker and off-kilter than his newer, four-on-the-floor dwelling tracks, both personalities come together through his DJ sets — providing fruition into a style of mixing that transports listeners through a selection of tempos, styles and following dance moves.

Local DJ Emyli Dahlia will heat up the dance floor for xxxy with her signature style of dark, raving techno. An unstoppable drive in both her musical and professional jobs, Dahlia was residing in Denver because 2005 and since has become a fixture in Denver’s underground dance music circuit. She is a member of this artist collective Beyønd and DJs along a number of venues in Denver, in Addition to nationally. You might have noticed her spin several heavy-hitting tracks at Beta or at Tennyson’s Tap, that hosts a techno takeover from the Beyønd team every Tuesday.

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