Spotify Unveils Two Posthumous Mac Miller Tracks

Listen to Spotify’s two exclusive tracks with the late Mac Miller here.

Nearly three months before, Mac Miller had been discovered dead in his house in Los Angeles, California at 26 years old. Even though the world lost a great musician, the songs he abandoned will live on more. That said, Spotify has released two distinctive tracks cut from the late rapper.

Before his untimely death, Mac Miller (actual name Malcolm James McCormick) listed two particular songs throughout the Spotify Sessions: Singles series. It helps artists to do a live rendition of their music in addition to a cover from a traditional song. Recorded at Spotify Studios in NYC, the first course is a stripped-down variant of”Dunno” out of his last album, Swimming. The next from the mini-EP features a one time insure to Billy Preston’s”Nothing From Nothing.” The duality between the two tracks highlights McCormick’s flexibility as a musician.

The rapper’s cause of death was ruled out as an accidental overdose caused by a mixture of cocaine and Fentanyl. Soon after the unexpected meltdown, Miller’s family, friends, and musicians came together to host a live-streamed advantage called Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life. 



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