Crumbling church, ruined mansion: See these 5 endangered places in Colorado before they disappear

A crumbling 90-year-old church that retains timeless beauty despite its state of disrepair. The ruins of a remote mansion built by a 19th century Colorado governor. A market that predates the birth of Denver and is the oldest continuously operated business in the state.

These are just some of the sites that were added to the list of Colorado’s Most Endangered Places last week by Colorado Preservation, Inc., an organization that has worked with communities around the state since 1997 to save historic structures and archaeological sites.

So here’s an idea for a road trip: Tour the newly added five sites. It could make for an intriguing journey through our state’s rich history, and all can be visited on a swing through southern Colorado.

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“The whole program is really to raise awareness about the threats to the sites and the condition they’re in and to try and rally support,” said Kim Grant, director of CPI’s Endangered Places Program. “We work with local organizations to build their capacity to do fundraising, and we help them with some of that. Sometimes we help them write grants and get grants.”

There are more than 120 sites on CPI lists, including 47 that are considered “saved” and 44 ”in progress” of preservation. CPI has 25 on an “alert” list (meaning they are considered endangered), including the five added last week.

“People have emotional connections to these sites,” Grant said. “There are great stories behind them, and they’re really tangible reflections of our past, and of the people who came here and settled and built Colorado. At the same time, I think people need something like that to hold on to, because change happens so fast in our society. These are the places that give our communities their identity and their distinction and their character. In a world that seems like it’s getting increasingly homogenized, it’s nice to have these places that are a reflection of the past.”

Here, then, is a look at the new sites on the list, as seen through the eyes of people who love them:

See the full list on The Know Outdoors.


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