Kaskade goes back-to-back with a fan for his 18th birthday [Watch]

Kaskade goes back-to-back with a fan for his 18th birthday [Watch]KASKADECUESSY 18

Kaskade goes back-to-back with a fan for his 18th birthday [Watch]KASKADEEFRAINCUESSY 4 Of 26 1

After Kaskade fan, Efrain Cuessy, has been diagnosed with stage-two Hodgkin’s lymphoma in age 17, he had many rounds of chemotherapy treatments to face, and a choice to make: what to desire, throughout Make-A-Wish Foundation. A Kaskade listener, Cuessy chose to utilize his wish to deliver the “Fun” manufacturer to his approaching 18th birthday celebration.

Shortly after Cuessy shared his wish with members of this neighborhood of Kaskade lovers, Kaskade Konnect, Cuessy heard from Kaskade’s Media Director, Jodi Call.

“Jodi told me to save my desire –that one could be on the Kaskade team,” Cuessy recalled in an Instagram post. “I couldn’t piece those words together. When I told my parents who Kaskade would be visiting my party, they laughed,” Cuessy writes. “They understood how much I loved Kaskade and I’d always wished to watch him perform because I’d first heard his music. ”

Upgrades from the Kaskade camp interspersed Cuessy’s chemotherapy, even until the set of calendar days came in Cuessy’s birthday, January 31. Having obtained a diagnosis that is cancer-free 16 days ahead, Cuessy certainly had cause to celebrate. PRG and Sexy Lites given the gear that could convert Cuessy’s party from a backyard celebration, to a setting that is electronic that is loaded. Owner of Sexy Lites, Sean Guarino, and Vice President of PRG, Tim Brennan, auto pooled to drive the entertainment hardware in Las Vegas, to Cuessy’s residence in Whittier, California. Ready to go, all of the celebration was lost and when all of the essential tech was set up was Kaskade.

Kaskade goes back-to-back with a fan for his 18th birthday [Watch]KASKADEEFRAINCUESSY 16 Of 26

“Kaskade walked in my garden, said hi to me, and asked if I was prepared for a tiny action,” Cuessy lasted of Kaskade’s arrival in his party.

Cuessy and Kaskade shared the decks. After Cuessy and Kaskade’s performance, Kaskade took to deliver what is Cuessy’s live Kaskade set.

“If I could hang out with my lovers I would. Getting to know Efrain and his story was such an inspiration for me. It was an automatic ‘Yes’ when I discovered he needed me to play with his 18th birthday celebration in his yard,” Kaskade says.  “When I found out he wanted to play before me, I insisted on a that is the way we did it back in the day. I’m so appreciative of everyone who donated equipment and their time to celebrate Efrain’s birthday, and I’m honored he asked me to be part of it. ”

Watch Kaskade and Cuessy go back-to-back.

Photo credit: Efrain Cuessy/@cuessyphotos

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