Netsky enlists Bazzi and Lil Wayne for newest release, ‘I Don’t Even Know You Anymore’

Netsky enlists Bazzi and Lil Wayne for newest release, ‘I Don’t Even Know You Anymore’NETSKY I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU ANYMORE

Netsky continues to broaden his range with his newest campaign,”I Don’t Even Know You Anymore,” including Bazzi and Lil Wayne. The trail infuses a humming bassline that succeeds about Bazzi’s vocals, developing a radio-friendly hip-hop tracks that unifies an background.

The track has been featured on Zane Lowe’s World Record on Beats 1 on Apple Music, also Netsky shared both the track itself and the larger project the release is part of,” titled Palmtrees & Powerlines.

“Man, I’m eager to get this record out,” Netsky told listeners. “I’ve been working for some time on it. Me along with Bazzi didn’t have the time but I got sent the tune … because we were flying … I got sent this tune and I loved it from the moment I heard it. ” He continues, “So we worked on a great deal of unique productions. We ended up that we really loved. It turned outit was a childhood dream for both of us to work with Lil Wayne, who is clearly a legend and a legend into both of us. Therefore it so amazing to have him finish this document. I think it’s ’s an amazing addition for this. I’m enthused. ”

The release is the next installment from impending Palmtrees & Powerlines, a two-part job that explores both Netsky’s magnetic trademark of pop songs (on Palmtrees) along with his genre-bending innovation for a founder of team tracks (on Powerlines). Each tune from Palmtrees & Powerlines will come across a location.

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