TÂCHES fuses minimal dance and palpable global flavors in new ‘Heart Over Heels’ EP

TÂCHES fuses minimal dance and palpable global flavors in new ‘Heart Over Heels’ EPHeart Over Heels Artwork

TÂCHES further expands his audio palate through the launch of his shiny Heart Over Heels EPoff his Glitter Cowboy imprint. This project is still another case of the British enigma’s appetite to split his own path through noises melodies, and structures. From the sounds of it, TÂCHES is Talking in following trends, yet comes with a admiration for the music that he creates. The result of this admiration is house music which will have listeners romanticizing the world.

The EP begins with “Sofia’s Theme” featuring Arum Flowers, a shared comparison between a proximity to consciousness combined with space from regular. The Latin percussion stays on a continuous path whilst harp strings and ambient voices pass by. All of a sudden takes listeners on an infectious, walking bassline that pops from Flowers.

“Dances With Wolves” brings a percussion rhythm. A flute melody comes in to play, behaving as a protagonist on the trail over a gradually guitar melody which crescendos with its companion wind instrument.

“I Don’t Look Back” is a burner using swinging bassline that sets the base for whispering high end synths and ad libs from Flowers amidst a guitar.

“Meet You In The Moonlight” asserts a worldly percussion with a guitar and bass set that introduce a solid flute presence.  TÂCHES serenades with a piano towards the culmination of all playing parts that build into a larger than life span, perpetuating a disco feel.

“Stay Together” immediately strikes with a relatively bassline while various elements flutter throughout the structure. The bass stays rested and persistent , eventually joined by an electrical keys melody along with wistful presence.

Prepare for another scene and this tune guides listeners to some lull that is beautiful to consider the noises heard. Unique melodies and these thought-provoking moments and sounds is what makes TÂCHES’ latest extended play something special and worth listening to.

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