Local Listen – The Symbols’ Catching Fire is a Fire You Need to Catch

The Symbols make a point to create music that stands for something, which may be obvious given their title. The trio — made of Don Stahl, Jasco and Mer Sal — released their most recent album, Catching Fire, in late 2018 to triumphant success. The project is guaranteed to serve as a landmark for the group and among the best projects of their careers. The group tours , which makes new material easy to catch And of course.

Fronted and fueled by bassist and songwriter Mer Sal, The Symbols are taking the momentum and hoping it could continue to project them into the ears of lovers everywhere. Each member’s lengthy careers fuse together and make a work that is fresh and new. Catching Fire touches on the requirement, the value of self-reliance and the perils of love.  Whatever “it may be.

Sal’s words push the listener down a trip of self-reliance during the album opener, “Good For Me. ” The track serves as a nod to determined independence, with a beat and lyrics. She brings the tenderness Let’s Be Love,the contrasting content and ” alludes in the world of romance. “Like most artists, I believe the major goal of releasing and producing music is to express the stories within you and give them a chance to be heard by other people,” explains Sal.

“I feel we ’ ve and this is our very best recording so far obtained words from the press,” she continues. “We’re playing lots of the new material live, and when the record is bought by fans which ’ s the greatest compliment. ” By lovers, she means the local devotees who have followed The Symbols since before they were even The Symbols.  It doesn’t take a lifelong fan to resonate with the strong lyrics and catchy riffs. The music flows through many genres, providing bangers that are slow and fast to throw Sparkle” or “Shake It. ”  The titular track “Catching Fire” swims while simultaneously allowing a burn build up wildly blaring a fiery declaration.

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