Rainforest Music’s Andromo and Chris Fortier divulge the vision behind ‘Shape & Form’ [Q&A]

Rainforest Music’s Andromo and Chris Fortier divulge the vision behind ‘Shape & Form’ [Q&A]DSC 3665 1

El Salvadorian native Andromo is no stranger to the deep and groovy noises that symbolize the underground. While recognized because of his background in architecture, label owner of Vancouver-based Rainforest Music Records, and dignified performer above all, Andromo has caught his upbringing into a tri-fold portfolio of abilities. Drawing inspiration from the landscapes of his hometown in El Salvador, to the peaks and lull of his home in Vancouver, the environment has played a pivotal role. In addition to garnering the support of digital steadfasts such as John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo and Steve Bug, Andromo’s work was supported by the emblematic labels, Culprit and Bedrock Records.

From his first solo EP release, Day Attack, on his label towards the end of 2018, his percussive-soaked soundscape was showcased by the issuance. Most recently, the Vancouver-based manufacturer has merged with esteemed producer Chris Fortier to compose Shape & Form, a tribute to both artists’ abilities and memoirs. Their approach, akin to the sounds that animate a rainforest itself, the duo deepens to the basslines in each track, layered with percussive traces and subtle melodies.

Fresh off the momentum from the release of Shape & Form, Dancing Astronaut spoke to Andromo and Chris Fortier to learn more about Andromo’s upbringing in El Salvador, Together with the transition and development of Rainforest Music in Canada’s West Coast.

On Feb. 15, you published your Shape & Form EP, which includes a perfect balance between deep, sexy house grooves (“Elektron Dreaming”) and a modern day spin on old school, prog vibes (“Shape & Form”). Do you feel this EP represents the Rainforest Music sound? 

Shape and Formsounds and textures are heavy but groovy, melodic but also trippy. The combination represents the variety of living organisms and creatures in the jungle. The rainforest is the home to tribes that are passionate about drums, where beautiful and rare flowers bloom like the melodies and harmonies, and arrangements such as a tree trunk. I imagine myself in the rainforest and close my eyes, my inspirations are always surrounded by nature and architecture.

Andromo, tell us about this collaboration with Chris Fortier. Did this venture come to be?

It goes a couple of years ago when I was living in El Salvador. Since I started listening to digital music, I’ve had a Chris Fortier CD or Fade Record in my collection. That inspired me to invite him to perform with a few times to the Rainforest Music Parties in El Salvador and Guatemala. On one of these trips, we began working on my studio on a track that would later be published on Muted Gold label. From this moment on, we have been working on various projects that have steadily seen the light on labels such as Bedrock, Culprit and have been played a lot of times by DJs such as John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Droog, Steve Bug, and many others.

Andromo, your origins as an artist and as the curator of Rainforest Music come from El Salvador, and now you live in Vancouver. Is the Rainforest Music brand still active in South America?

Yes, I’m planning a series of parties that will take place during summer and this year’s next semester. I am currently working with a Central American manufacturers that expose and we would like to support their talent. Living in Vancouver makes things tougher, but my commitment to supporting the region is stronger than ever.

What was the transition to Vancouver like? How has the label and brand evolved since landing in Canada?

Transitions take time. Moving to a new city is hard, starting off from scratch takes consistency and patience but with goals set and a very good idea about what I wish to accomplish as a music entrepreneur keeps me inspired to make it happen. I also did some research and met with the people that are inspiring to sound and our community. Living in the West Coast has experienced a huge inspiration on my musical taste like every city in the world that I have traveled to. I can say I’m learning a lot of the North American marketplace, which is very important for music industry, and working to have the label exposure and sales needed to be an established business and source of income for artists. A couple of years ago, the brand was concentrated more in community interaction, today that brands main focus is to release quality and also be part of your everyday life soundtrack. Played during your work day. The brand and label will be evolving, the “volcano ” sound will always stay on the organic side of music.

Chris Fortier — your portfolio is very impressive with previous releases on Digweed’s Bedrock Records and LA-based imprint Culprit. How do you feel about joining the Rainforest Music household? 

I’ve had a long friendship with Andromo for years beginning when he booked me for one of his parties in El Salvador. We began sharing music and created a connection. I put some of his music in my Fade Records label. We then chose to collaborate and saw some particular things coming from these sessions. We’ve made a number of tracks so far placing them on great labels getting word out. Now with Andromo launching Rainforest, it seems like the perfect time to these to come. I am pleased to be a part of this new label venture and be a part of the foundation of the label&rsquo. We have to come, too!

Where do you guys envision listeners hearing “Elektron Dreaming? ”

So much of the music we have created together comes from grooves. The first ideas were launched with Elektron equipment that was a live jam session hitting record and letting it run. The vision is built with the tripped-out Elektron sounds twinkling all around. This track will work whether in early parts of sets setting those afterhours parties when things start to go or speed of place.

Where do you guys envision listeners hearing “Shape & Form? ”

Another groove-driven track. It seems like a lift off, when the very first chord progression rises in. I envisioned dancing on desert or the beach . 1 party I played with Andromo in El Salvador, was beautiful as the sun was rising and we moved to. This track is ideal scene.

Any new releases coming up on Rainforest Music that we should keep an ear out for?

Our next release is a very special one. It has a great vocal from a youthful Vancouver artist and I’m convinced it going to have a lot of plays once its out. Our year is becoming filled with music that is great that it’s hard to pick what’s going to be published in the upcoming months, but one thing is for certain, quality over quantity.

Shape & Form is available to flow here.

Photo credit: Alec Donnell Luna, CPT Vibes

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