GRiZ Drops Part 2 of Progressive ‘Bangers’ Series via Deadbeats

At the bottom end of a jam-packed summer, GRiZ has released the second EP in his Bangers show, Bangers[2].Zip. GRiZ aka Grant Kwiecinski has awakened with Deadbeats, the label owned and operated by digital duo Zeds Dead, for the 3 track release. 

GRiZ, like a wizard, pulls in the origins and expands the horizons of dub songs through Bangers[2].Zip.
GRiZ Bangers 2.Zip Album Cover

Photo through GRiZ

Listen to Bangers[2].Zip:

Bangers[2].Zip doesn’t stray far from the sounds of his previous EP, Bangers[1].Zip, along with his trademark style, filled with rickety dubstep and hefty drops. It kicks off with “Griztronics,” a collaboration with manufacturer Subtronics, who teased the track in his Electric Forest set a month. He took to Twitter to say his excitement and show off the crazy reaction he brought out in the audience.

FOREST OH MY FUCKING LORD @Griz peep that audience reaction 🤯

👁 GRIZTRONICS 8/14 👁 (@Subtronics) June 29, 2019

“Freak The Method” follows “Griztronics” also can be filled with distorted vocals from GRiZ and a racket guitar riff that’s served as the intro for his live shows for almost a year. Bangers[2].Zip finishes up with “Push The Vibe,” a high heeled dub-forward trail that packs a punch and also serves up a filthy bassline. Even the head-spinning monitor closes out the EP on a notice that’s sure to leave listeners wanting more.

At the end of this month, GRiZ will make his return to Colorado’s breathtaking Red Rocks Amphitheatre for his fifth year old sold-out shows. He’ll play back-to-back nights, together with Friday containing throwbacks and favorites from ‘10-’17, followed by a exceptional Ride Waves / brand fresh music set on Saturday. GRiZ also announced a special no-phone, hometown DJ place Thursday night at The Fillmore before he heads to Red Rocks.

GRiZ at Red Rocks 2016

Photo through Jason Siegel

GRiZ Ride Waves Season Two Tour

Photo through GRiZ

Shortly after his stint at Colorado, he’ll embark on his Ride Waves: Season Two tour, which kicks off September 26 at Boston. Even the 18-stop tour traverses the nation and touches in iconic places such as Chicago’s Navy Pier along with LA’s Hollywood Palladium. Tickets are on sale and may be purchased here and be sure to obey Bangers[1]. Zip.


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