Illenium’s Third Album, Ascend, Brings All The Feels

The 17-track release is packed full of new originals and also collaborations.

It is difficult to go anywhere these days without hearing one of Illenium‘s songs or seeing somebody toting among his trademark baseball jersey. Even the Denver-based artist (real name Nick Miller) has risen through the ranks to become one of EDM’s greatest superstars. Now, he’s going to drop his very aptly-titled third record, Ascend, and it capitalizes on everything Illenials love. 

Since the release of a slew of singles after 2018’s Awake Remixes LP has been lost, fans were eagerly awaiting a new full-length Illenium album. Songs like”Take You Down” and”Crashing” (effort. Bahari) have garnered tens of millions of streams, and also given fans a great taste of what is to come on Ascend. 

The new record delivers the vibes en masse, with the same feels-inducing lyrics and psychological drops for which Miller has come to be so well-known. “Hold On” (containing Georgia) and”Good Things Fall Apart” (featuring rising pop sensation Jon Bellion) deliver to the nostalgic ending of things, using soothing guitar riffs layered under heartbreaking lyrics. “Take You Down” and”Broken Ones” (feat. Anna Clendening) vie on the exact identical vibe, with vocals that beg to get screamed out with a festival crowd in unison. 

Taking these vibes much deeper, tracks like”Sad Songs” (featuring Annika Wells and MIller’s long-time collaborator and friend Said The Sky) and”Every Piece Of Me” (featuring Echos) double down to the emotion, with low-key instrumentals that tie together with the lyrics that are wayward. Impassioned piano and acoustic guitar notes reflect the pensive lyrics and provide a melancholic but optimistic opinion.

The deep and sorrowful paths aren’t all that Ascend has to offer. A culmination of all glitchy, dubstep-inspired synth work wobbles over punchy drums on”Blood” (featuring Foy Vance). The emotion shines through in Vance’s powerful voice on the track, but make no mistakethe drops hit hard. 

The exact same can be said for”Gorgeous” (featuring Bipolar), a glitched-out midtempo track that goes from psychological vocal verses into a grinding main section reminiscent of Knife Party – but with a exceptional twist. The second drop of”Gorgeous” brings Miller’s signature mode, but while it is less gritty, it packs a large punch.

“Pray” (containing Kameron Ale) requires that notion but produces it in reverse. The first drop is the more melodic element of the trail, but it dives headfirst into a dubstep banger at the halfway stage. It then returns to a similar melodic drop to around out the trail toward the conclusion, but the midsection of the tune was unmistakably created for headbanging Illenials. 

Superstars like X Ambassadors along with The Chainsmokers make appearances on Ascend. Even the Chainsmokers’ collaboration,”Take Away” (featuring Lennon Stella) has already amassed over 35 million streams on Spotify alone, appearing to the duo’s EP, World War Joy. . .Takeaway. 

There’s no doubt this Ascend will best charts in the forthcoming weeks and weeks. The record perfectly produces everything that Illenials crave from among EDM’s main stars. Miller has rallied more than 2 billion streams across his entire discography and always sells out shows across the nation, including three sell-outs in Denver at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The success of Ascend’s singles illustrates that if the record is released tomorrow, August 16th,” Miller will nonetheless be ascending, full steam ahead. 



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